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CityFox Group is pleased to announce it has placed further new vehicle orders. The vehicles that are supplied by Citroën, Peugeot and Dacia UK are all equipped with free WiFi and USB charging sockets and have been introduced during the current financial year as the company continues its policy of reinvesting profits in improving services for customers.


The latest announcement takes CityFox Group's total orders of new vehicles to more than £400k since 2016.


This year’s vehicle orders are split between CityFox Taxis Bristol, YourCab Taxi Rentals & AirConnect. All of the new vehicles are fitted with USB charging and Wi-Fi installed, giving customers free device charging and internet access during their journeys.


CityFox Group Managing Director Rhys Hand said: “Everything we do is about making travel even better for our customers. We are investing in state-of-the-art, cleaner, vehicles to raise the bar and deliver an even higher standard of service to the communities we serve. These latest vehicle orders are an important part of our strategy to encourage even more people to travel by public transport and to prove that travelling by public transport is the best way to access work, health, education and leisure"











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