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the people who make it happen...

Rhys Hand

Group Managing Director

Rhys founded CityFox Group in 2016. Not only expanding the business by customer demand, Rhys has lead several acquisitions including Fareride Taxis, Snowdonia Travel and Fyine's Taxi Rentals to name a few.  


Role as Group Managing Director:

*  Responsible for communicating a shared purpose and the culture, vision, beliefs and attitudes of the Group.

* Leads the business and is responsible for executing strategy

* Overall responsibility for Group performance


Rhys continues to seek opportunities to expand the Group by contracts, customer demand and acquisition.



Phil Stockley

Head of Commercial Activity


Phil has worked for various transport companies such as Go-Ahead, Stagecoach Group & Wellglade. Phil joined CityFox Group in 2016 to assist the Group in expanding the business through acquisitions and commercial growth.



Andrew Murphy

Head of Operations


Bringing with him years of operational experiance, Andrew leads our depot managers ensuring operational excellence, performance and service delivery. Andrew has operational responsibility for all the business of the group.



Nick Siddaway

Head of Finance


Qualified as a chartered accountant Nick Siddaway was appointed as Head of Finance in 2016.


Role as Head of Finance:

* Provides strategic and financial guidance to ensure that the Group’s financial commitments are met

* Brings independent judgement and scrutiny to the financial decisions taken by the Board




John Smith

Head of Engineering


John joined CityFox Group in 2016 to ensure our vehicles are safe, presentable and well maintained. John is also responsible for the Health and Safety across the group.