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the people who make it happen...

Rhys Hand

Group Managing Director


Aged 22, Rhys started the business with two transit vans operating as CityPost, a local courier company operating on short term delivery contracts. Since, Rhys has lead several acquisitions, formed CityFox Taxis Ltd, AirConnect, CityFox Bus Ltd and youdrive.






Phil Stockley

Head of Commercial Activity


Aged 45, Phil has worked for various transport companies such as Go-Ahead, Stagecoach & Wellglade. Phil joined CityFox Group in 2016 to assist CityFox Group in expanding the business through acquisitions and commercial growth.





Nick Siddaway

Head of Finance


Aged 61, qualified as a chartered accountant and a Director of Cornwall Busways, Nick joined CityFox Group in 2015. Nick manages and heads up CityFox Group's finance department.





John Smith

Group Engineering Manager


Aged 46, John joined CityFox Group in 2015 to ensure our vehicles are safe, presentable and well looked after. John is also responsible for the Health and Safety across the group.


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