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CityFox Taxis

CityFox Taxis Limited & YourCab Limited



CityFox Group operate a fleet of about 140 taxis and private hire vehicles under the CityFox brand providing a first class service to local business and private customers. CityFox Taxis, has two brands – CityFox and AirConnect, and in Bath operating as Centurion Cars each with a clear identity and providing a safe, reliable 24/7 service to the community.


In November 2015, the Group acquired Fareride Taxis, a private car hire business in Bristol. Since, the group has rebranded the Fareride business and lowered the companies overheads by operating from the same site.


AirConnect was formed in 2017 and operated a high quality service between Bristol Airport and Clifton in Bristol, providing hassle-free airport transfers as well as ground transportation for corporate entities and individuals who want a reliable and cost effective car and chauffeur-driven service.


January 2018 saw CityFox Group purchase Fyine's Taxis in South Gloucestershire. The fleet

and team of staff have been intergrated into the CityFox Taxis business. See more info here.


Key Facts:


Head of Operations

Operations Manager - Bristol

Operations Manager - Bath

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Andy Murphy

Matt Thompson-Taylor

Dan Mcintire

John Smith